3 reasons why social media could be destroying you AND your career

Everyone has social media these days. Even your mum, your hairdresser and your neighbour’s dogs. But did you know that it could actually be harming and even destroying you AND your career.

Here are three things you need to know about your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages and how they could even get you fired!

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy

1. It’s bad for you

Ok so we all know that we’re hooked on our Facebook and Snapchat and Instagram etc, etc, but did you know that this addiction is dangerous? As well as lowering the self-esteem of users, a study also found that it can take over your life – not what any ambitious person needs! ‘Facebooking may become an unconscious habit which can develop into an addiction,’ says Leif Denti from the University of Gothenburg. Put your phone to one side and focus on your education/job guys!

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy

2. Oversharing could get you fired

Slagging off your boss, bitching about a client, being obvious about looking for a new job – there are things you could be doing that could get you fired. My Mum once Googled a woman she had just interviewed for a job and her Facebook cover photo came up. It was of her topless with the word ‘I LOVE C*CK” written across her torso in red lipstick. We’re all for sexual expression but this is not exactly the impression you want to give off to an employer or a colleague now is it… If in doubt delete your Twitter history, make your Facebook profile as private as possible and only ever sound professional online. Everyone Googles.

slide_417318_5308968_free3. You could be an internet sensation without wanting to be one

Imagine going to a job interview where they’ve already seen your MOST embarrassing photos? Don’t be like Maggie Goldenberger whose super bad, super cringeworthy childhood picture became an internet sensation. We’re all trying to be the next super blogger, but be careful with what you post – even if it’s just to your friends! Nothing is private anymore…

Maggie Gothenberg

Image Credit: Maggie Goldenberger