3 phrases to avoid when describing your current job in an interview

The majority of interview preparation tends to revolve around what you’re going to say you can bring to this new job, not what you are currently to the job you have (if you have one).

However, you’ve got to come to realise that your interviewer will be interested in your current job and, even if you hate it, you’ve got to suck up some pride and try to sell yourself as a part of that job.

There are no wrong answers in an interview if you’re honest, however, there are some phrases that are worth avoiding when asked about your current place of employment.

1. “It’s complicated”

Look, you can try all you want to wriggle out of having to explain the ins-and-outs of your current position but don’t try and make it sound above your interviewer. The likelihood is that they are much smarter than you and probably know your job better than you do.

What you can say instead is a general overview of your day. You don’t have to list every responsibility but by covering your daily tasks, they should be able to fill in the blanks.

2. “I source and curate short-form articles utilising yoast SEO for a millenial audience”

So what? You’re a writer? Why didn’t you say that? Don’t try and make your role sound more important with a long title. You’re wasting everybody’s time and it comes across a bit robotic.

If you have a four word title, great. If not, work on a 10 second elevator pitch that explains your job in simple terms. From there your interviewer might want to ask questions, in which case, just roll with the punches.

3. “Do I really have to explain?”

We get it, every interview you will go to will ask the same questions – after a while it becomes a chore. But, and this is a big but, compliance is the only way to show that you’re worth hiring.

Your ability to explain might actually be the thing they’re interested in rather than the content of what you’re saying. Every word spoken in an interview is an opportunity to make an impression – so don’t stick to stock phrases and try your best to give original and unique answers.

What now?