3 great business tips from the founder of Instagram

Who better to follow for business advice than people who have successfully launched their own careers? The BBC’s CEO Secrets series does exactly that, turning to some top creators from different industries for their best tips.

We took a look at Instagram founder Mike Krieger’s tips on how to make it in business and how to avoid burn-out. Check out the BBC’s CEO Secrets series for more advice from those in the know.

1. Surround yourself with the right people

Build a team of people that bring different things to the table, but ultimately share the same goal. Your co-workers and even co-founders of a small business can each offer different attributes to a business that will make it work.

2. Get outside inspiration

Mike emphasises the importance of getting outside and talking to real people. Incorporate the opinions of your target audience into your work every day to ensure you always keep your ideas focused. Rather than getting stuck behind a desk, take yourself out of your typical environment and connect with real people.

3. Pace Yourself

Work smarter, not longer. Avoid burn-out by knowing your limits and using your time wisely. Mike discusses how important taking breaks and not pushing yourself too hard is when starting a business, because it will be better for you and for the business in the long run.

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