3 ALTERNATIVE ways to get ahead in your company

Desk space is limited and redundancies aren’t just kinder ways of firing people anymore, your company is looking for the best so you better be it. So since everyone is trying to get ahead, how can you set yourself apart?

When everyone is setting a good standard, it goes to show that the weak can’t hide in the shrubs and the exceptional will be prosper. Writing for Forbes, contributor Jacob Morgan shares his thoughts on utilising unconventional and alternative measures to getting ahead at your company.

He suggests the obvious three saying that “we hear about recommend things like making your manager look good, taking on extra work and trying to become friends with others” but reaches the consensus that you have to walk the road less-travelled to get ahead in any company nowadays.

1. Make a name for yourself through internal social media

If your company uses a wide method of communication like Slack, take advantage of having contact with every person in your office. Use it to help out where you can, ask for help or just crack jokes. Everyone will appreciate having someone to break the monotony of broken tech requests and will learn your name through your online omnipresence.

2. Volunteer for any beta initiatives

Organisations often have beta or ‘pilot programs’ to test out products or initiatives. Find out where you can apply and always be willing to give your time up to help the wider community of your company. You’ll also have a greater understanding of the behind-the-scenes workings of the office AND meet new people.

3. Keep on top of new technology (even if it’s not relevant to your job)

Jacob Morgan describes this as ‘learning to learn’ which is a more accurate and less wordy way of saying that you should always be on top of company developments. You’ll find people will treat you as a higher-up if you prove that you’re well versed in a multitude of departments and technologies.

If you’ve been at a company for many years, your job security depends on your ability to stay relevant. It’s all up to you!