The 25 minute guide to job interview preparation

Nightmare scenario: you’ve overslept. The alarm clock buzzes with the intensity of a thousand fog horns and yet you lay motionless, unaware of the spiral of anxiety you’ve set in motion. T-minus three hours until the interview for your dream job, and you’re busy making snow angels in dreamland.

You jolt awake and your stomach drops like a bag of rocks into the Mariana Trench. Time is of the essence as you spring out of bed and get dressed. You narrowly make it out of the house in time and you’re hot-footing it to whatever transportation you rely on. T-minus 30 minutes.

Okay, take a breath.

That was as exhausting to write as it probably would be to experience but in this hypothetical, there is still a chance of nailing the interview. This intelligent and easy to understand infographic from Ideal Candidate serves as a ‘how-to’ guide for anyone who has ever been in a nightmare situation on the way to an interview. It’s titled ‘How To Prepare For Your Interview In Under 30 Minutes’.

In the past, we’ve spoken in depth about all the different ways of approaching an interview. We’ve written pieces on how to conduct a mock interview, what kind of questions you should be asking, how to dress, what to do with your hands and even how to read micro-expressions to get a read on whether you’ve got the job.

Suffice to say, we’ve got a backlog of great interview tips. Never before, however, have we spoken about how to prepare with little to no time. This infographic breaks down a 25 minute window into a number of tasks that will fully prepare you for the grilling. Things like spending five minutes reviewing the job description to spending ten minutes debunking the company and figuring out what they want to hear. Success is all about time management.


Image credit: Ideal Candidate