20 power words to amp up your CV

What’s one way to make your CV stand out from the crowd and show off your achievements? Using the right words to adequately describe how awesome you are.

You don’t want lacklustre verbs cluttering up your CV and bringing you down, and you definitely don’t want to be boring. What you need are powerful words with real impact and personality.

Maybe you’ve helped gain thousands of followers for your current job’s social media sites, or you pitched some great ideas that became realities. Whatever your past experience, going beyond the normal CV vocabulary of “participated in”, “contributed to” or “started” will help get you to that interview.

The folks over at My Domaine compiled a list of the 200 best power verbs to use on a CV, and we’ve chosen 20 of our favourites.

1. Inspired

2. Cultivated

3. Investigated

4. Maximised

5. Orchestrated

6. Pioneered

7. Revamped

8. Spearheaded

9. Transformed

10. Refocused

11. Promoted

12. Produced

13. Launched

14. Generated

15. Initiated

16. Delegated

17. Encouraged

18. Collaborated

19. Analysed

20. Achieved