17 companies that Brits most want to work for

Ever wondered what the most desirable companies to work for actually are? A new survey has your curiosity covered.

Here are the top 17 companies most Brits want to work for. From Burberry to the BBC, here are the in-demand jobs people want.

Google topped the wish list, probably due to the fact that they are known for their fun offices filled with games and free food. Selfridges was a new entry this year, as was Facebook.

Amazon dropped off the list, most likely because of reports of mistreated employees.

Chris Brown, the director of LinkedIn, the company who did the survey, said: “This list represents the organisations that have most successfully built their employer brand and who use this to engage great potential candidates online.”

“They have identified what makes them special, what they can offer their employees, and have taken full advantage of digital and social media to bring this to life.”

Check out the full list here –

1. Google

2. Apple

3. John Lewis

4. Asos

5. Shell


7, Selfridges

8. Facebook

9. Microsoft

10. BP

11. Unilever

12. Burberry

13. Disney

14. ITV

15. Net-A-Porter

16. Harrods

17. Topshop

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