The 15-Minute Morning Routine That Will Turn Around Any Bad Mood

A great day is defined by the attitude you carry yourself with. Think about the worst day that you’ve had in recent memory and try to see where you could have readjusted your mindset to put things in perspective. The day doesn’t seem so bad now, does it? This is why an invigorating morning routine can make every day the best day it can possibly be.┬áBecause you’re more than likely to wake up on the wrong side of the bed sooner or later.

We tend to overlook the importance of spending time before work on ourselves. Many of us leave bed at the last possible moment and get to our desks having not even woken up. This way the day begins at your desk. Work should be the middle part of your day and it can be.

Inc have drafted this awesome 15 minute morning routine to start your days right every time.

1. Visualise your day (3-5 minutes)

The mind is split into the conscious and subconscious. The latter is where our thoughts and emotions derive from, things like dread and fatigue. Visualisation can be used to trick your subconscious into providing emotions that stimulate motivation and organisation.

2. Gratitude (1-2 minutes)

This might seem a bit farce or sappy but it’s a proven fact that by taking some time ┬áto write down three things that you are grateful for, you’ll feel better all round. Mentally, you gain higher levels of positive emotions throughout the day and socially you’ll notice a new-found compassion!

3. Motivational materials (Less than 1 minute)

Unfortunately, you cannot always be prepared. The universe is too unpredictable so the most productive thing you can do is to get your attitude right. Spend a little time with a quote or video or song you find motivational. When you encounter obstacles, cast your mind back to the words or actions and keep pushing through the day.

4. Meditation (3-5 minutes)

A simple way of combining the previous three steps into one, quiet moment of unfiltered you time. As Inc write: “turn phase one of your day into your you time, to then go out and make a difference at work and in the world”.