15 benefits YOU should be looking for in a job

We talk a lot about being the best employee you could be in an interview situation. And quite rightly, the job market is competitive. However, sometimes it’s refreshing to flip the script and dig into the things that hiring managers should be striving for. You shouldn’t settle when it comes to accepting a job, you’ve got weigh the benefits against the drawbacks.

Besides the usual company benefits and compensation, you should be searching¬†through your company’s values and culture with a fine-tooth comb. No matter how good the pay or how much a job resembles the start of a dream career, a bad working environment will just lead to you resenting what could be a great opportunity.

Unum have created this handy infographic that details 15 things that all candidates should look for in a job. And no, one of them isn’t ‘fat stacks’ and ‘leniency on punctuality’. Concepts like prospects, technology, development, health care and flexibility come into play. These aren’t benefits you can hold in your hand, per se, but they matter a whole bunch if you plan to stick with a company with a while.

Here are three things you should definitely look out for when considering a career move.

1. Track Record

“For many candidates, the company’s past is of as much important as its present. A good reputation and track record has a great appeal, after all ‘success breeds success'”. Check if you’re filling in a position where someone left or if you’re a new hire – this is a sign of growth.

2. Location

“A good location can be very attractive to prospective employees, with good transport links also being a factor. With improving technology, an increasing number of candidates are also looking for roles with opportunities to work remotely.”

3. Values

“The values of the organisation in general can be of interest to candidates. Placing emphasis on the important of employees and their wellbeing, and creating a caring culture can make candidates feel that your company is where they want to be”.


Image credit: Unum