14 working habits that might turn your co-workers against you (avoid these!)

Take a second to think about how much time you spend with your immediate co-workers a week. It’s scary to think that they are your primary form of contact based on exposure time. To this vein, and as much as you think you love them, they are guaranteed to have habits you absolutely loathe.

Knee-shaking, foul language, messy desks, laziness – these are the obvious turn-offs that make working with these insensitive brutes a living nightmare. How hard is to readjust habits and just be a normal human at work? Honestly!

Luckily, Business Insider consulted etiquette expert Rosalinda Oropeza Randall and  business mogul Vicky Oliver to discuss a wealth of gross, annoying and disrespectful habits. Said discussion was then distilled into this easy-to-read and handy infographic. Check it out below.


Image credit: Business Insider