12 signs you should DEFINITELY turn down a job offer

In an age where getting a job offer is increasingly easier said than actually done, it’s weird to suggest that there are any situations where it’s better to turn away a job than accept it. People aren’t getting desperate but rather impatient with the amount of rejections they’re receiving.

It’s competitive out there but that’s no reason to let you standards slip. Bear in mind that you may stay at your first job for three years plus, so at least try and go for something that you somewhat believe in.

If you do get a job offer from somewhere you care about then absolutely take it. However, there are some businesses out there who aren’t necessarily looking out for you, they’re looking to take advantage.

It takes a little bit of training to spot these crooks in the crowd but using this infographic from Business Insider, you can identify the 12 signs that you shouldn’t accept any old job offer.


Image credit: Business Insider