11 ways you can become a vlogger (right now!)

So you want to be a vlogger, but you’re not sure where to start. How do you build a following? How do you make a viral video? There are tons of possible answers to these questions, but we’ve learned there are some general rules of thumb when it comes to vlogging.

Here are some top tips and things to know from British travel vlogger Vicky Flip Flop Travels:

1. You will hate your first few videos, but that’s natural

When you start any new job or project, there’s always a learning curve. While your Youtube channel might make you cringe at the beginning, the more you do them, the more you learn and the better you’ll be.

2. Be like a virtual friend

The thing all the successful vloggers have in common is that they are willing to share every part of their life. Be personal and let people see the real you, not just the Instagram version of you. People will like you more once they know you, warts and all.

3. Make a video with a theme
4. Learn from other vloggers

Watch other vloggers, decide what you like and don’t like about their techniques, their editing, how they use music and so on. Then think about what you can do to break the mould they’ve created. Do something different.

5. Keep it real

Try to be aspirational without being alienating. Stay true to yourself or you’ll be found out a few videos down the line – viewers are savvy like that. Whatever you do, don’t fake it. There’s room out there for all kinds of personalities.

6. Keep it simple

Don’t try to cover too much in one video. Pick one thing to focus on, like a review of your hotel or one activity like snorkeling, rather than a guide to your entire trip when you’re first starting out. That way you won’t get too overwhelmed and you’ll be able to actually enjoy your holiday!

7. Don’t wait until you have the right equipment

First learn to use the camera you have, whether it’s an iPhone or something a bit fancier, before investing your entire life savings in super fancy equipment. Anybody with some sort of camera and a laptop for editing can make it in the movie business. On YouTube anyway.

8. Promote, promote, promote

Just like with a written blog, getting your stuff out there on social media is essential. On Youtube, make sure you name, tag and categorise your video properly so it will be easy for people to find.

9. Experiment

Play with lengths of videos and see what works. Shorter may be best at first until you have the audience and reputation for people to stick around. If you can keep their attention for 10 minutes, a la Fun for Louis, you’ve made it.

10. Don’t be afraid to go wrong

Things happen in real life that can get in the way – a bird flying into shot, someone coming up behind you, you forgetting what you’re talking about – these all make you seem more real to your viewer. Keep it in. People love a reality show these days so give your audience what they want and be real.

11. Keep going

Vlog regularly to get used to it. This way you’ll get to know your style, your opinion and the kind of messages you want to pass on. Don’t give up when you’re not an overnight Youtube star – being successful takes persistence!

Now what?