11 ways to land a job straight after graduating

What does employability mean to someone fresh out of graduation? According to this great infographic from the good people Bell Vue Students, it is: ‘A set of achievements – skills, understandings and personal attributes – that make graduates more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations, which benefits themselves, the workforce, the community, and the economy”.

It’s quite the mouthful. And you might be sitting there, 5-12 months into unemployment thinking “that sounds way easier when you put it that way” but the reality of the situation is that, post-graduation, finding a job is difficult.

People will keep telling you that there are plenty of jobs out there. Which is true. However, as young people, we are part of the sociological movement that has spawned the ‘maximiser’. The ‘maximiser’ never settles for anything unless they know for sure it’s the best thing to take at that particular moment.

So, applying to our graduation debacle, we are more focused on finding employment that suits us than ever. The older generations might call us picky but knowing what you want has never been a bad thing.

The trick is to make yourself employable within the industry you wish to enter. Want to be a writer? Well buck up and write something. But, again, it’s not as easy as that. The job market is saturated by totally qualified people so it’s really a game of being the best of a good bunch, or at least make the impression of someone who is the best.

This infographic you’ll find below will walk you through 11 things you should be considering post-graduation about yourself and your employability. Everything from why you should be googling yourself, how to sell yourself, how to use social media to your advantage and even what aspects of your life you should be flexible with. Enjoy and good luck out there!


Image credit: Bell Vue Students