10 phrases to AVOID when writing your CV

CV writing isn’t the most exciting task in the world, and selling yourself on paper isn’t easy. Especially when you’ve got the other candidates in the back of your mind…But if you’re finding your job hunt is going nowhere, then it might be down to the words you’re using.

London’s New College of the Humanities has conducted a study of 2,000 employers in the UK to get the lowdown on massive CV turn-offs.

There were a few unsurprising results, such as bad grammar (top of the list, obviously), as well as colloquial sign-offs that might appear a bit too friendly. As much as we all love the shy monkey or the cute chick in an egg, emojis are a massive no-no, although I can’t believe this is something people have to specify. There are also some key phrases that are a massive turn-off to potential employers, and this might be explained by how generic each phrase is.

Here are the 10 phrases you need to delete from your CV now:

  • “I’m a hard worker”
  • “I work well under pressure”
  • “I can work independently”
  • “I’m a team player”
  • “I am a problem solver”
  • “Good communicator”
  • “I’m proactive”
  • I am a good listener”
  • “I’m enthusiastic”
  • “Excellent written communication skills”

However the study also revealed that only one fifth of the employers taking part in the survey actually finish a CV. Awkward. Make sure you avoid the above bad habits to make sure you’re one of the ones they pay attention to.

Now what?