10 of the most overused words on LinkedIn

Crafting the perfect LinkedIn profile? You don’t want to sound cheesy and/or clichéd do you, so avoid these words. You never know which employers could be looking at your profile…

Instead make yourself stand out by being original. Here are 10 of the words that are used over and over on the site, so you can avoid them.

1.  Motivated

2.  Creative

3. Enthusiastic

4. Passionate

5.  Track record

6. Driven

7. Extensive experience

8. Wide range

9. Responsible

10. Strategic

LinkedIn spokesperon, Darain Faraz, says: “It’s really important that people are authentic on their profiles but you can help yourself – and boost your professional brand – by painting a more colourful picture and steering clear of the most predictable buzzwords.”

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