Check out the 10 best jobs for work/life balance

The Dream: clocking off at 5.30pm and getting home in time to feed your cat and remind friends that you exist. If you’re on the hunt for a job, but are worried about sacrificing your personal life, here is the solution.

GlassDoor has published a report into the jobs that apparently offer the best work/life balance, so you can think about this when making your decision about what career path to follow.

The report, based on employee feedback provided over the course of a year, features the top 25 jobs that won’t cause your friends and family to forget what you look like, so we’ve got the top 10 for you right here. Many of the positions feature flexible hours, potential for working from home or freelance work, and largely involve working in technology or digital sectors. (which means you can work just about anywhere you can fit your laptop).

  1. Data scientist
  2. SEO manager
  3. Talent acquisition specialist
  4. Social media manager
  5. Substitute teacher
  6. Recruiting coordinator
  7. UX designer
  8. Digital marketing manager
  9. Marketing assistant
  10. Web developer

Now what?