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10 alternative ways to deal with stress in the workplace

Stress is pretty sh*t. Whether you’re struggling over your dissertation or feeling like an imposter in your job, you’re most likely feeling stressed right now. As we’re so helpful, we’ve got some stress busters for you that you can actually do right this second. We want you to have a lovely stress-free day in your workplace!

The reality of the situation is that there isn’t one, single cure for stress. There’s no pill or breathing exercise that will work on everyone. Some people are more suscriptble to stress-busters than other.

This video from Position Ignition has ten alternative methods to managing stress in the workplace. If you haven’t already watched the video, here they are with a brief explanation.

1. Spot the signs early: be aware of changes in your behaviour, health and how you feel.

2. Identify key triggers: build up your awareness of what causes you stress.

3. Keep an eye on what’s going on: reduce stress and uncertainty by being in the know.

4. Break out of the norm

5. Don’t be afraid to say what you want

6. Look after yourself

7. Manage expectations: by doing what you say you will do, managing your time well and being clear about what you can and cannot do.

8. Ask for feedback: Know how well you’re doing and know where you stand.

9. Think positively: Dispel negative thoughts, appreciate what you can do and appreciate what you have.

10. Accept that you can’t control everything