10 best sites to find jobs and internships

There are hundreds of job websites out there and it can be easy to find yourself swimming around in them, completely overwhelmed.

Instead focus your attention on these top ten sites for young people, recent graduates and those of us who are looking for internships. Make your search that little bit easier.

1. Milkround

You may have seen this company advertised at a uni fair, but it’s a great one to check out for graduate jobs. As they specialise in helping young people get jobs they are more helpful than some of the bigger sites.

2. Guardian Jobs

This site is great for giving you salary info which many other job sites don’t provide.

3. Fashion Workie

This site is for anyone interested in going into the fashion or creative industries. From journalism jobs to internships at some of the hottest fashion houses, this is a great resource. Fancy an internship with Millie Mackintosh’s stylist?

4. The Gateway

This is a great website for graduates looking for jobs or internships. With loads to explore in banking, law, consultancy and more, this is a lesser known site that you should take a look at. The site also has interesting articles on questions such as ‘How can I have a career in banking as a female graduate?

5. Rate My Placement  

This site does what it says on the tin, but it is a must visit for genuine reviews on loads of different internships and placements. Before you start an internship it’s important to see what others have thought of it. If it’s a waste of time you need to know before you sign up!

6. Gorkana

This is a go-to site for people wanting a job in either journalism or PR. The site is updated regularly and is renowned in those industries so check it out.

7. Idealist

If you are looking for a job, an internship or a volunteering opportunity in the non-profit sector then Idealist is the site for you.

8. Reed

Reed has a big selection of jobs to choose from, much like Total Jobs and Indeed. It also offers info specifically for new graduates which is worth a look.

9. LinkedIn

You may not have thought that LinkedIn could be somewhere that you could go to find job opportunities but you can find some good ones. Have a hunt around and see if anything is on offer that you would be interested in.

10. Indeed

Indeed has a hugeee selection of jobs to choose from and it saves your searches for when you revisit the site. Here you’ll find opportunities in all sorts of industries, including ones you may not even have heard of!

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