This Woman Texts Her Husband Everything He Says In His Sleep And It’s *Hilarious*

Sleep talking is the most entertaining of all the sleep disorders. Speaking from the subconscious, sufferers’ speech can range from quiet mumbles to full-blown conversations with the presumably confused and half-asleep partner sharing the bed. This is what led to a hilarious exchange between Canadian couple Lindsay Samhuis and Aiden Hailes.

Hailes has been having one-sided conversations with Samhuis since they got together all the way back in 2003. That’s a scary notion, having no control over what your partner hears from your subconscious. Sleep talk is rarely just spurted nonsense, it might seem that way but your brain is taking inspiration from something…

Rather than calling out the names of ex-girlfriends or reciting the time he accidentally hit a deer with his car, Hailes comes out with some comedy gold. Lindsay has been writing down these weird dialogues between the two since 2014 and writing them down. Here are some absolutely amazing posts:


Must have been a really good episode of Family Guy. Obviously not good enough to remember any details about it….


It’s like reading the transcript of someone being interrogated that’s either really wasted or has the cognitive range of a toddler. That said, this shipment of cats is obviously part of some dastardly plan set in Jersey.


Being Belgian, the second best feeling in the world next to planning an orienteering expedition. Excuse us while we go doodle on some maps…


There’s obviously something shady going on with medals. This can’t be good news for the Olympic committee, Aidan is onto them and it won’t be long before he catches them – they’ve been doing it for months!