This Is Why Wine Gives You A Headache And How To Avoid It Without Drinking Less

It’s weird when people say, “there’s no such thing as too much wine”. Uh, yeah there is. It’s the thing between crying on¬†the shoulders of a bouncer and challenging your Uber driver to a showdown at high noon.

The telltale sign that you’ve had too much wine is the behemoth balloon that feels like it’s going to explode your skull. The wine headache is your body’s way of trying to pick up the pieces of your health that you dropped on the dance-floor.

But it seems like no matter how many techniques we practice for getting over the wine headache, none of them are any good.


We’ve all tried to give our insides some hydrotherapy before going to sleep but the dehydrated hangover always strikes.

Many fingers have been pointed at a variety of chemicals in wine that cause these unavoidable brain-pains but, according to Vinepair, it’s the tannins, sugars and histamines in our favourite bev that’s hurting us so badly.


So seeing as water, carbs, protein, eye of newt, sleeping upside-down, sacrifical lamb, being a good person and trying to not swear so much hasn’t stopped us getting wine hangovers, we’re starting to think that there’s no way to avoid them.

However, according to Dr Seymour Diamond of the National Headache Foundation (that’s a thing?!), drinking two cups of strong coffee before a big session can make a huge difference.

The caffeine¬†constricts blood vessels which alleviates the wine’s damaging properties. Also, you’ll feel so hyped for a big night out.


The Independent recommend taking an antihistamine before drinking wine to counteract any potential allergy complications.

Finding which wine works for you is a huge factor, too. If you’re sensitive to sugar then dry wines are your best bet to avoid a headache whereas red wines will pretty much get you no matter what you do.