*This* Is How Much Wine You Should Be Drinking A Day, According To A Nutritionist

It’s a bit early in the day for a glass of wine but it’s never to early to start thinking about one. The good news is that, according to nutritionists, you should be drinking wine every day. They say that dark chocolate and red wine keep you heart healthy but, as much as we love it, chocolate doesn’t make primetime telly more fun to watch.

We know that reading this you’re looking for us to justify drinking wine every day but pay close attention: there is no health guru in the world who will find a ‘study’ that claims that drinking a bottle three nights a week will increase you life-span. Sorry.

However, nutritionist Karen Ansel is pushing for a daily adoption of the grape-juice to combat poor heart health.

Five ounces of wine a day (two-third of a standard cup) is the prescribed amount has been linked to improved heart health but honestly, who is going to drink that carefully like it’s liquid medicine?

Ansel points out that wine is considered the ‘healthiest’ booze. While you’re told that the health alcohol is rated by its calories, beer being the worst and spirits being the best, people who drink a moderate amount of wine daily are less likely to die of Alzheimer’s or heart disease.

So what gives wine these therapeutic effects? Usually it just makes walking down stairs harder and everything much funnier.

According to our nutritionist, both white and red wine contains polyphenols which are used to protect the heart and brain. Good old wine, always looking out for us!

And for our final trick, wine also helps raise HDL cholesterol which is typically very hard to raise and is very healthy for you.

Oh yeah, one more thing, it also also helps prevents blood clots by thinning our blood…

Wine, you’re the hero we don’t deserve but need right now and pretty much every night.