This Wine Gadget Allows You To *Finally* Drink From The Bottle With Class

Thankfully, there is. This breakthrough gadget has revolutionised the way we consume wine. Classiness is defined by us so let’s rebrand drinking straight from the bottle, together. This is the Guzzle Buddy!


Image credit: Guzzle Buddy

The Guzzle Buddy is an XL (because we don’t play around) wine glass which has a bottle stopper where the stem should be. It works as simply as plugging the top of a wine bottle and pouring the alcohol straight into your mouth.

It’s considered a novelty gift but we’re taking the Guzzle Buddy a little too serious. So serious, perhaps, because we’ve been the victim of judgement for considering drinking wine straight from the bottle.

Guzzle Buddy doesn’t take itself too seriously, however. The box it arrives in is full of hilarious taglines. Things like “pouring is boring”, “plug it and chug it” and “no more suffering from Wine Wrist”. The last one doesn’t rhyme but we still love it!


Image credit: Guzzle Buddy

This innovation for the alcohol industry has got us more excited than the time we heard that Starbucks were starting to make their own cocktails past 4pm.

The Guzzle Buddy is being sold on Amazon currently for a modest £22. Not much of a price to pay considering how much easier this gadget is going to make pre-drinks moving forward.

As The Independent report, Guzzle Buddy has been getting over-enthusiastic reviews from users. One reviewer wrote: “EVERY WINE LOVER’S DREAM. A DEFINITE MUST HAVE. I’M TYPING IN ALL CAPS TO SHOW JUST HOW EXCITED I AM”.

Say whatever you want about drinking from the bottle, it really gets the job done.