Science Says This Is Why You Might Look Like Your Partner

You and your other half may have a lot more in common than you thought...

Bit of a weird one, but you and your partner might just be taking twinning to another level.

You’ve probably heard the urban myth that ‘couples look alike’ before, right?

Well, according to science, if you and your significant other do look alike, it could actually because you’re related. Errr.

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

Before anyone starts freaking out, allow us to explain…

A recent study carried out by PLOS Genetics aimed to examine whether we tend to go for similar-looking people, or if opposites attract. Researchers surveyed couples’ DNAs, before comparing the results.

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After examining their make-ups, it was discovered that the pairings all shared a significant amount of genetics. This led them to believe that people tend to settle down with those who share a similar ancestral history.

Which, y’know, is totally cool when you’re Liam Payne and Cheryl. Like, c’mon, what a great gene pool.

I miss you!…the things you make me do🤓😋 home soon!

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So why is this? Well, until recent years, most people tended to marry someone from their surrounding area. This would often contain people of a similar genetic history.

As this pattern repeated over long periods of time, these couples had kids, and then they had kids, and they had kids…

But this has lessened with each generation, likely due to people moving away from home and finding love in different ways, such as online dating.

A bit gross, but fascinating.

Alice Perry