You NEED To See The White House’s Christmas Decorations

Everyone has that one neighbour that goes all-in with the Christmas decorations, both inside and out. There’s someone that lives on my drive home from work that actually sells lights for a living and his house is lit up so much you can see it from space. But even that pales in comparison to what the Obama’s have done for their last Christmas in The White House.

The Obamas have been being especially awesome in the last few weeks. Maybe it’s because we’re realising how good we have it with them fronting the free world, but every little thing they do makes us proud.

Between Barack’s dad-joke bananza at Thanksgiving and Michelle’s imaginary bid for president, this Christmas we should acknowledge a bad year but also be thankful that it would have been a lot worse with this amazing family leading the US.

And The White House have gone into full celebration mode. Now that it’s totally legal to embrace the Christmas season, we can start envying really festive houses.

Every year, the Obamas theme their Christmas decorations and this year it’s The Gift Of The Holidays which is a perfectly balanced and apt celebration before the Trump storm starts rolling in.

Have a look at these White House snaps!


Image credit: Rex Features

It’s quite a low-key tree for The White House, don’t you think? Well, this obviously isn’t the only Christmas tree in the building. Here are two more!


Image credit: Rex Features

It must be lovely to be greeted with that Christmas tree smell as soon as you walk through the door. But can you imagine how much hoovering you’d have to do to keep all those pine needles off the floor?

capture95 capture96

And no Christmas is complete without two creepy eight foot replicas of the family dogs. Merry Christmas, Obamas.