This Website Calculates Exactly How Long You Should Wait Before Texting Back

How long do you wait before texting back a guy? We suppose it depends on the situation. It’d be ill-advised to have a blanket number for all texts with all people. Obviously there’s going to be a difference between texting someone back after just meeting them and then after a couple of dates.

You might love the dating game, you might absolute loathe it. Either way, you kind of have to play it because the expectation there.

Our advice is to embrace the lunacy and try to not let it get in the way of an actual human connection – that’s the goal of dating, after all.

If you’re morbidly curious or just need some hard evidence to back up your friends’ claims, this website calculates exactly how long you should be waiting before you text back based on your perceived attractiveness, your first impression skills and a few other factors.

We’ll be the first to admit that TxtWar is a little condescending and probably not something you should take too seriously but it’s a good laugh and might reassure you about texting sooner rather than later.

It starts by asking if you’re male or female…


You’ve got to dig deep and give an honest opinion of how attractive you think you are. We’re not sure how this affects the outcome but we think it’s probably better that you don’t read too much into it.

Then you’ve got to judge the dude on his looks which, don’t lie to us, you’ve definitely done already.

Assessing how much of a good impression you made can be tricky but if you’re still texting this guy, you couldn’t have done worse than a ‘not too shabby’.

You’re then asked to rate how much you like the guy, how long it took him to respond last and then how long it took you to respond last.

After all that the site will calculate how long you should text back – it also gives you a rank which is a bit unnecessary.

The site is relatively new and do apologise for the exclusively hetero-normative options which is good news!

Give it a go!