Vivino Is The App That Will Make You An On-The-Spot Wine Expert

All you really tell you about wine is that we like it. That’s pretty much the extent of our knowledge. We know what wines taste better than others and which ones made us cry that one time but despite spending many hours with the stuff, how anyone can be a wine expert astounds us. Vivino is the app that makes anyone an on-the-spot wine pro.

This is, most days, not a skill that’s worth having. However, when you’re eating in fancy restaurants or spending time with people that consider themselves connoisseurs, every bit of knowledge helps.

We’re big fans of Vivino’s Wine Scanner but it’s not exactly a subtle way of impressing your wine-pundit friends.

The app is community based and offers wine recommendations, ratings, pictures, average prices and years. Pretty much everything you need to know about the bottle in your hands – Vivino has it.

The app had 21,000,000 users worldwide, a million of which are UK based that vary from professional tasters to, well, you. The community is dedicated to informing you toward the best wine in your area/price range/style.

All you have to do is fire up the app and scan the bottle label.

Another cool feature this app has is being able to find your wine’s ranking within wine region, country, winery and globally. There’s finally a democratic way of seeing what the best wine in the world really is – not what your friends keeps telling is.

You can also find out, based on your location, where the closest place to buy a bottle of your favourite wine is. Failing that, it offers prices and means of ordering bottles online. You never need to settle for sub-standard or second choice wine again!

This comes only second to growing your own wine from home.

What’s more, the company behind the app host their own Vivino Wine Style Awards which celebrates the most rated wines of the year.

If this app sounds like your flavour of the month, be sure to download it here or try it out online.