People Are Getting Vitamins Infused Into Their Veins But They Could Be Wasting Their Money

When your body is riddled with a cold that is showing no signs of leaving, you’ll take drastic measures to make yourself feel healthier. Every year, thousands of people come close to overdosing on Lemsip and it’s become an epidemic. And what’s to blame? Maybe if people just worked from home when they were sick, less of us would be ill? Either way, some of the more extreme rejuvenation techniques involves stuffing your veins with vitamin supplements.

Pop stars on world tours have been making use of this technique for years now but now intravenous vitamin infusions are becoming a staple for over-tired city workers.

There’s fierce debate around how effective they are and whether they’re worth the heavy cost.

Writing for Standard, Rebecca Pearson shared her experience with the famed-vitamin infusions. She tried the “NAD+ Brain Reboot”, which is basically a huge hit of antioxidants to the system, boosting energy levels, brain function and more. It costs £500 and takes 90 minutes to infuse.

The feeling, as described by experiencers, of one of these infusions is pretty close to that film Limitless (the one with the fake science about using 100% of your brain function). Pearson explains it thusly, “I felt strangely like a bird of prey. It was as though I could absorb sensory information faster than usual; each second felt stretched to its full potential.”

Sounds pretty rad although we’ve met people tripping at music festivals that describe the exact same phenomena so it’s not the most convincing evidence.

However, the lasting effects sound perfect so a fatigued city worker. Petit illnesses, reportedly, bounce off you like bullets off a tank and exercise doesn’t feel like dying a thousand deaths.

The downsides included sleeping troubles because it’s hard to rid yourself of more energy than you’re used to. It takes about two weeks to wear off and then you have to deal with the fallout of feeling perpetually tired again…

If you’re interested in being forcefully awake for two weeks and have a spare half a grand to burn, check out for all your intravenous needs.