This Is How Much University Tuition Fees Really Cost You

We feel sick

It’s no secret that university tuition fees are ridiculously expensive. And if you’ve ever wondered where that money really goes, SAME – because if we’re honest: lectures at uni are pretty few and far between.

For example – research carried out by Fiscal Studies found that on average economics undergraduates receive just 26 hours of one-to-one teaching over a three-year course. And while physics students can receive almost three times more than that – they’re both paying the same amount of tuition fees.

NB: (I for one, know that during my BA English Language degree, I had a grand total of 7 hours per week in my third year. Which was great for my social life, but err.. not so great for my bank account)

Well, the BBC have reported that each lecture or seminar you attended at University could’ve cost you up to £1,000.


Since 2012, the majority of English universities charge £9,250 university tuition fees per year for undergraduate degrees – and we can all agree, that’s a lot of cash.

Sure, if you’re doing a degree like physics (that researchers from Bristol University found have on average 74.6 hours of contact) fair enough. But for those doing English Language degrees (a la moi) or Economics (which the same study found to have students receiving 32.6 hours of contact) that’s some EXPENSIVE lectures.

What do you reckon? IS Uni worth that?

Reeeeeally wishing I’d listened more about Noam Chomsky now.