The Most Underrated and Overrated Cocktails, According To Bartenders

Have you ever walked up to a bartender and said “surprise me”? If you have, you’ll probably know that bartenders hate it when you do that. You’ll also know that you’ll end up with a better drink than what you consider your usual cocktails of choice.

Having go-to cocktails and drinks is natural but as you change as a human being, so should your choices in drinks. Thrillest spoke to a bartenders at some quality cocktails bars to uncover the most overrated and underrated cocktails that you should either stop ordering or make the transition to.




Joshua James, a bartender from Phoenix, says: “In 2004, Sex And The City was designated for a lacklustre retirement – a place where this drink should have landed as well” Harsh words for the cranberry classic…

Old Fashioned

This is considered “the godfather of cocktails” and is a sweet take on whisky cocktails. One bartender said: “Some years ago [this drink] meant: ‘Hello, I’m distinguished and confident’. Now, it’s just a safe bet and a sign that you might be trying to impress your date”.


Simple cocktails are maybe the easiest to recreate at home, which is why so many people favour them. George Sault writes: “It’s mind-boggling to me how popular the mimosa continues to be. Taking cheap sparkling wine and adding orange juice until it’s palatable sounds like nothing I want to be a part of”.



Gin and Tonic

A popular drink, for sure, but bartenders stress how regularly new gins come on the scene and how the classic G&T is the best way to get to know them. It’s the best way to find your new favourite gin.


Don’t get frightened that this is the spirit that made Van Gogh cut his ear off, it’s still unheard of in popular cocktails. Possibly because of the strict volume limits due to its strength, it’s not that popular in the UK bars. If you ever get an opportunity to try it, go on an adventure with a Death In The Afternoon (absinthe and champagne).


After getting a “bad wrap in the ’90s and early 2000s”, “a properly made martini is a study in austerity; it’s elegant and timeless”.