The *Ultimate* Blind Date Survival Guide

Before internet dating, blind dates were the only way to throw a spanner into the dating works. Before random set-ups, there was no mystery surrounding the rendezvous, it was boring. With internet dating basically cataloguing every creep and liar on planet earth, it might be about time that the blind date make a triumphant return.

However, it’s a dangerous world. Even in a public space, getting set up runs a specific risk. With that in mind, you should also be open to all kinds of people, after all, the person sat opposite you could be judging you as much as you are them – doesn’t feel good, huh?


But keep an open mind, the blind dating system only works if you look for the best in people. With regular dates, a first impression is already established, in these situations you have to err on the side of caution. Play it cool, you might find yourself on the spontaneous date you didn’t see coming!

Communicate with your matchmakers

You probably know some people who really consider themselves matchmakers. Whatever you do, don’t let these people dictate your blind dates. They will set you up with people they think you’ll like from their perspective. You need to be super specific about who you’re into. If you struggle to pin down certain qualities, think about past boyfriends and what you liked about them.


Get the dirt

Try to resist learning every single detail about this guy’s life, that’ll sap all the fun out of the date. Also, it’ll cause a weird situation where you know everything about him and he knows nothing about you. Create a list of no-nos and double check them with your matchmaker. Stuff like whether he’s just come off of a break-up, likes the same stuff as you or any criminal records.

Know your exit 

If the first 15 minutes are cool then just relax and enjoy the date like any normal person. However, there’s no reason you should suffer through a terrible date you didn’t even want. We shouldn’t have to tell you exit strategies but a few classic ones are the urgent call and the fake-out where you set the stage for you leaving across the date. Alternatively just tell him it doesn’t feel right, leave straight away and don’t waste anyone’s time!