The Ugly Christmas Jumper That’ll Set You Back £20,000

The Christmas Jumper (it deserves a proper noun because it’s pretty much a phenomenon) has gone through a series of evolutions over the years. During the 1990s and early 2000s, nobody would be seen dead in this knitwear. By 2011 they were back in a big way moving away from chunkiness and relying on more slim fitting designs.

And now, we’re stuck in a limbo between good quality/cool Christmas jumpers and ironically terrible ones. Both of which are totally acceptable to wear in public. Don’t worry, we don’t really understand it either.

And we understand this particular Christmas jumper less. Mainly because it costs over £20,000.

Don’t forget that it’s Christmas Jumper Day tomorrow for Save The Children.


Soak it in, that’s truly the most hideous jumper we’ve ever seen. That said, you’ve got to respect how this thing is made.

As described by Mashable, ‘sparkle enthusiasts’ Swarovski and Tipsy Elves have pooled their resources to create this Frankenstein’s Monster of jewelled knitwear. It takes 52 hours to make and is encrusted with 24,274 Swarovski crystals. Naturally it retails for $30,000 which is about £23,000.

$15,000 of that, we imagine, is a premium for copyrighting the image of Santa blasting through space on the back of a unicorn. It’s not technically Christmas canon but we’ll let it slide. >

And don’t worry about calling it ugly, Tipsy Elves have made an effort to market it as such. It’s also described as an “once in a lifetime collector’s item” which makes us think that there’s actually people out there that collect this expensive garbage. We might hang onto our Primark Christmas jumpers, personally.

Obviously hitting the ‘rich idiot’ demographic we checked out the reviews for this odious knitwear.

One anonymous reviewer kind of sums up our sentiments: “There are a lot of ugly Christmas sweaters, but until now, none of them told the story of how bad I am with money.”

James writes, “Can someone from Tipsy Elves confirm the size of the shipping box this sweater comes in? I will need to live inside the box if I buy this sweater.”