Five True-Crime Podcasts That’ll Keep You Awake At Night

Since podcasting became one of the western world’s favoured platforms for long-form storytelling, true-crime has been one of the most consistently popular genres. TV documentaries like Making A Murderer and The Jinx have acted as a catalyst for this morbid form of entertainment, too.

Podcasts can be long and boring but the very real threat of true-crime stories and their unfurling dangers keep the audio medium fresh. If you’ve got a penchant for stories too grisly for TV, you need to check out this gripping true-crime podcasts.


1. Serial

The grand-daddy of the genre, when the This American Life spin-off first emerged, only fans of the original show were hyped about it. Once the story of Adnan Syed, a teenager suspiciously convicted for the murder of his then-girlfriend got into the world, legions of fans jumped into the show.

Season One is classic true-crime storytelling, season two is more politically charged and just doesn’t maintain the excitement.

2. Accused

Who doesn’t love an unsolved murder? When Elizabeth Andes was discovered murdered in 1978 in Ohio, the case was considered “open-and-shut”. Was the right guy charged or is the killer still out there today?


3. My Favourite Murder

This is the perfect podcast for those of you on the cusp of obsession with true-crime. It’s almost weird to be investment in the death of others but this show does a great job in rationalising our fixation on murder victims and their circumstances.

4. Casefile

With a particular focus on Australia crime, this podcast, hosted by an anonymous narrator, covers one crime an episode. These are usually the most graphic and disgusting murders across the globe so probably not for the weak-stomached.


5. You Must Remember This: The Manson Episodes

While You Must Remember This is really a podcast about the history of Hollywood, the six episode series about the monster that is Charles Manson uncovers all the darkest secrets behind the serial killer and cult leader.