This Guy Travels The World Taking Selfies With Cute Animals For A Living!

When everyday people talk about the ‘dream job’, we create a reality where we get paid a realistic amount of money to do something that we spend our spare time doing anyway. Allan Daxon has surpassed the boundary of what we would consider the ‘dream job’.

Animal selfies are by far the most Instagrammable trend of all time. Selfies are one thing, but throw in a rare animal pulling an ecstatic face – you’ve hit viral gold.

New Zealand-originating photographer Allan Daxon has found a way of getting paid a fair whack to hang out with animals and snap some photos with them, professionally.

So how does one make a living from hanging out with the world’s most adorable creatures? Well, after graduating in computer engineering, seeing out a few failed start-ups, Allan Daxon decided to work on “adventure content marketing”.

That might sound like the most privileged, millennial job title in the world (which it kinda is) but Daxon worked for this role.

After fending of 500,000 other photographers, Daxon won the ‘Outback Adventurer’ award from a campaign being run by Tourism Australia.

His reward: hanging out and dedicating himself to the perservation with the internet’s most cherished animal, the Quokka.

The name Allan Daxon might be familiar to those of you well-versed in cute animals on the internet. The photographer attempted to mirror Kim Kardashian’s Selfish book by recreating it with Quokka’s. The Quokka Book’s Kickstarter unfortunately didn’t reach its funding goal.

While Daxon’s animal selfies are worth following him, check out his more ambitious nature photography. There are some truly impressive shots on his account!

With 316,000 followers, Daxon has built a serious brand off of snapping selfies with animals. As Mashable point out, we should spare a thought for Scottish photographer, Allan Daxon who insists that he’s “NOT THE ANIMAL SELFIE GUY!!!”

For your viewing pleasure, the best animal selfies on the internet:

Open wide and say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ?? This husky that just started an Instagram @lakelandhusky #DaxonsAnimalSelfies

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Chickens will have their revenge someday. Save some animals, eat less meat. ?? #DaxonsAnimalSelfies

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