These Airport Photos Show The Real Horrors Of Travelling Home At Christmas

Travelling at Christmas is a nerve-wracking affair. The busiest time of year combined with the most understaffed time of year makes for a disaster waiting to happen. The only thing you or your family members can do is leave with more time than they could ever need. The last thing you want is for someone to miss Christmas because of airport delays.

With only five days to go, airports and train stations all over the world are filling up with exacerbated passengers. However, we haven’t seen anything as bad as these scenes out of Denver International Airport reported by Mashable.

Winter weather resulted in hundreds of cancelled flights and a backlog of unclaimed luggage that never made it to the planes. People had to fight tooth-and-nail to uncover their suitcases from the rubble of hundreds of failed departures.

4 hours sleep and back looking for our bags. Wish me luck!

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The bad weather that halted the airport arrived on Friday and caused delays and misplaced luggage through the entire weekend. Passengers had to abandon their bags on the Friday and spend the weekend searching the piles of luggage, hoping that their’s was still around.

And customer service? Try a 10-hour-long wait to speak to a rep.

Here’s hoping that, if you’re flying home this Christmas, your flights don’t look anything like this but you should know that airport workers at Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted have announced plans to stage a 48-hour strike on the 23rd and 24th of December.

More than 1,500 check-in staff, baggage handlers and cargo crew are walking out in a long-running pay dispute, Standard reports.

There’s no concrete information right now so we can’t check if your flight will be disrupted or not but keep an eye on your airport’s Twitter feed for more information.

Transport For London have put together documents detailing the train and bus changes across the holiday season. We hope you and your family members are travelling hassle-free and safely this Christmas.