Enjoying Terrible And Trashy Films Is A Sign Of High Intelligence, Says Science

We’re sure you have some friends that consider themselves ‘film connoisseurs’. They’d never call themselves that but they brandish their superior movie knowledge with a holier-than-thou arrogance. These are the kind of people that attribute ‘good’ taste is films with intelligence.

However, a new study has found that a penchant for ‘trashy’ movies is associated with high intelligence reconfiguring this elitist stereotype.

Citizen Kane might be a masterpiece but genuinely enjoying Adam Sandler flicks should never be hidden from the world. Not when you’ve got science backing your film choices.


So what quantifies a ‘trashy’ or ‘poor’ movie? I used Adam Sandler as an example because, well, there are arguably no good Adam Sandler films and only a handful of alright ones.

According to this study, the term was with “to low budget films that are considered to have been poorly made and ones which featured explicit content.”

A sample of people were surveyed. There were both fans of trashy movies and fans of ‘good’ ones and results found that the former portion of people were actually considered more intelligent.


So how can this be? As much as I hate people “liking things ironically”,the laughably bad factor of a lot of these films drew in people that would otherwise have no business watching these films. There’s even been a shift in the B-movie culture toward purposefully bad movies like the Sharknado series that make use and parody trashy movie tropes.


Another factor to consider is that low budget flicks are rarely predictable. Unlike big budget movies that have to cater to the average cinema goer that wants a re-skinned version of films they already like, B-movies get the luxury of being weird.

Which brings us to the main reason intelligent people like bad movies: The laugh factor and the ‘so bad it’s good’ quality of these films. It’s snobby but who cares?