Remember That Toy Car Everyone Had As A Kid? It’s Now Road Legal!

I’m in the camp that attests that the 90s weren’t actually that great. Sure, the cartoons available were great at the time but when you think that Street Sharks and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were pretty much the same show, you can start to pick apart this lauded era.

What was great about the 90s was that most of us were kids. And being a kid is totally underrated. Especially when you can roll about the place in a baller yellow and red toy car!

toy car

Image credit: Rex

Look at the nostalgia, can you feel it in your soul? Can you smell the familiar scenes of industrial plastic? Hear the rattling of the wheels that don’t seem to be tight enough for downhill racing? Many of you will have some really cherished memories with this Little Tikes car.

If you still find yourself lamenting over scented gel pens looking for a way to recapture your youth, then hit up John Bitmead. The man that engineered a totally roadworthy toy car that is a to-scale reworking of the classic buggy of your youth.


The car runs at a whopping 70 miles per hour and only cost about £4,000 to build! The OG toy car will put you back £40 so that’s not actually too much of a price mark up seeing as you can travel to France in Bitmead’s, not just as far as your mum or dad is willing to push you…

Speaking to the BBC, Bitmead said of the project: “I just thought what a wonderful thing to make something like that but real. I had to have no windows because that is absolutely what the toy is.”

And just to add a cherry to this already adorable story, the roadworthy version of the car will passing from town-to-town in order to raise money for children’s charities.