The Titanic Fan Theory That’s Breaking Our Hearts

There’s got to be something said for the longevity of Titanic. Nearly 20 years after it’s release, people are still theorising and discussing the minutia of this James Cameron directed film.

I’d wager that more people have seen the romantic-disaster film than those could tell us one thing about the real life ship that met it’s watery grave in 1912. Suffice to say, grossing $2.1 billion, 20th Century Fox could probably afford to build the Titanic 2.


Though for all its success, there’s one part of the film that has had audiences scratching their heads for the better part of two decades.

(Spoiler warning but, honestly, if you need a spoiler warning, you need to read some history books)

Near the end of the film, Jack finds himself haunched over a piece of wood that Rose is on. There’s plenty of the room on the piece of wood for both of them and yet Jack still finds himself a victim of the freezing waters of the North Atlantic.


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But here’s the thing: what if the reason Jack couldn’t share the driftwood was because Jack never existed, or at least, was never on the Titanic.

Brought back the collective conscious of the internet, this theory found a new home. Here’s the evidence:

The first time Rose meets Jack is in the scene when Rose is about to throw herself off the side of the ship because she doesn’t want to marry Caledon Hockley. Out of nowhere Jack appears to catch her hand, just in the nick of time, mind.


The theory suggests that Jack was a projection of Rose’s subconscious. He was the dream man, constructed to help Rose deal with her depression.

Jack even utters the words: “If you don’t break free, you’re gonna die”.

This a story of Rose’s self-empowerment, Jack is just a figurative vehicle for her internal resilience as well as her doubts.


But what about Jack actually being on board, he interacted with characters, right?

Yes and no.

There was no evidence of Jack ever having been on board. The story says that Jack won the ticket from someone in a poker game but who’s to say that isn’t an allibi Rose gave him?

When Rose is an old lady and asked about why there is no record of Jack being on the ship, she replies: “No, there wouldn’t be, would there”.


Image credit: The Independent

It really makes you think…