Playing Tinder On Your TV Is The Party Game Of This Christmas

Nothing says ‘quality family time’ like gathering everyone in the living room, pets included, squeezing onto the sofas and trolling for potential hook-up material with your nearest and dearest. What? That’s not what your Christmases are like? Oh, well Tinder might have just the party game for you and your family.

Introducing Tinder for the Apple TV. The hook up app and Apple have joined forces to bring the crushing realisation that humanity is a waste basket full of arrogance and unrealistic expectations to the family room.

It’s the party game of the season! Check out the demo video below.

If you’re looking for an excuse to invest in a 4K enabled telly, this is as good a time as any to put it off. Imagine those unsolicited nudes is HD *shudders*

You will need an Apple TV to introduce your nan to the world of Tinder and while we’re tearing at this app a little bit, we suppose this could be a fun way of shattering any awkwardness at Christmas.

The big screen version of the app will only have the swipe function built into it which you control using the Apple TV trackpad. You won’t be able to edit your profile or chat with matches.

So swipe to your heart content without your family seeing anything incriminating in your Tinder chat history.

From here it’s up to you to come up with fun ways to make the swiping experience less of a drunk esteem-led activity and closer to a community party game that people can enjoy without any nervousness or judgement.

Mashable recommend playing a team based game where you have to swipe right tactically and whichever team gets the most matches wins.

Throw some alcohol rules into the mix and you’ve got yourself a Christmas tradition in the making. Have some fun and some drinks with Tinder TV, you might find love in the process.