59 Things You Think When You Go To Coachella

Yes, it looks good on Insta. But damn, all that posing in the desert can get exhausting

LOOK‘s Beauty Editor Lydia headed to California to check out the one festival that can make you feel cool and uncool all at once.

This is what she REALLY thought…

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1) God I’m tired, that 20-hour journey better be worth it. Must take a selfie quick to show that I’m here. #JetLag

2) What the actual hell am I going to wear in this desert? Everything I’ve packed is a fast track ticket to Sweatsville

3) Sod it, I’m wearing that chic maxi even if it kills me. I’ll just seek out the shade wherever I go

4) Is 10.30am too early to start drinking? It’s, like, 6.30pm in the UK, so totally okay right?

5) Ugh, I’m hot. Why did I wear this long sleeved dress? I’m literally going to die

6) Is that Katy Perry? Oh no, her hair’s too long

7) Must post on Instagram a picture of myself looking fabulous before the UK goes to sleep

8) How many likes have I got? Ooh look, a new follower!

9) Ooh… three new followers

10) Oh look, a Victoria’s Secret model

11) Must post more photos to show I’m having the best time

12) I need to boomerang that wheel stat

13) Oh, that wheel is a lot crappier looking in real life. Oh well, who cares? Let’s see those likes roll in

14) I feel a bit dizzy, I wish I didn’t have that margarita

15) Why am I drinking so much water? Is it the dust, or is it the heat?

16) Everyone has scarves over their mouths and noses. Maybe I need one

17) Wow, I look so gangster with my scarf. I need to post this on Instagram, like now

18) Ugh, my feet hurt. I’ve already got blisters

19) This VIP area is HUGE! But where are the VIPs?

20) Oh look, a Victoria’s Secret model

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21) Why are all the shade spots taken? I think I’m going to have to rip my dress apart

22) Does anyone actually know what artists are playing other than Gaga? No? Me neither!

23) Why are we leaving to go to a party? I’m so confused

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24) This party is INSANE! Like, INSANE! Who even has this much money?

25) Is that Kylie Jenner eating a burger with highlighter green-coloured hair?

26) Must. Get. Picture. Of. Kylie. Jenner.

27) Right this zoomed in, cropped shot of KJ is going on Insta no matter how blurry it is

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28) There’s a woman in a fishnet top wearing no bra. #FreeTheNipple

29) Holy crap I’m hot

30) They’re giving away free clothes at this party as well as SO MUCH food and drink. I’m so confused. How do people have this much money?

31) Is everyone here a blogger?

32) Five new followers.

33) Maybe I could be a blogger

34) Ahh, Rita Ora’s here. I wonder if she’s going to have a burger too

35) Did Kylie Jenner go?

36) I wonder how much KJ was paid to turn up for an hour. Probably millions

37) Seriously, how do people have this much money?

38) Is that the sun going down? Please say it’s so

39) Ahhh I can finally see/breathe/walk around freely

40) We’re going back to the festival? Wow, this is exhausting. I need a coffee.

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41) Is it acceptable to drink coffee at a festival?

42) Jeez, this coffee queue is longer than the bar

43) Wow, there are so many celebrities here now. They’re literally everywhere

44) Is that Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell? Oh my God it is!

45) I wonder if I took a picture of Stewart and Stella I could sell it

46) Ellie Goulding is sat talking to someone in my group, which basically means we’re now mates

47) Oh look, a Victoria’s Secret model!

48) Can I post now, or will it bomb because everyone in the UK is asleep?

49) I’ll post just before I go to bed, even if I’m completely hammered. #Failsafe

50) Wow, I’m sleepy. Maybe spending hours on Insta at 2am wasn’t the greatest plan

51) Get me ALL the coffee


53) I wish I could just walk around in my bra and pants like most of the people here

54) Was that Kendall Jenner? Is it acceptable to run after her?

55) Ahh I bloody love Lady Gaga. Must tell everyone on Insta!

56) I’m so tired

57) How is it time to go home?

58) I wish I could teleport myself, I don’t think I can survive the 20-hour journey back to England

59) Must stop at In-N-Out Burger on the way to the airport and post to Insta, otherwise this whole trip will be wasted