15 Things Only Really Sarcastic Girls Will Know

It may be the lowest form of wit, but you can't help thinking it's hilarious

1) People always think you’re being sarcastic when you’re not

Sometimes (very rarely) you can actually be serious.


2) It’s an automatic reflex in awkward situations

Which makes things even more awkward.


3) Sometimes it’s really hard to stop

Your mouth comes out with cynical things before your brain’s even thought them through.


4) You forget to switch off around people you don’t know

Great first impression.


5) You sound plain mean in texts/on Twitter

Hey, it’s hard to get the tone across.


6) Your sarcastic demeanor’s got you in trouble a few times

You may have been accused of having an attitude problem.


7) You have a unique way of showing you care

Partners soon learn that they’ll never receive a slushy Valentine’s card from you. Vom.


8) It’s hard to admit, but you do use sarcasm as a defence mechanism

It’s much easier than revealing your insecurities. Or at least you think it is.


9) You will never understand those who don’t ‘get’ sarcasm

Who are these people?


10) You laugh at your own jokes

Because you’re basically a comic genius.


11) You’re not sure how to take compliments

A sincere ‘thank you’ just doesn’t come naturally to you.


12) Everyone always knows what you’re thinking

Annoyed at work? Angry at your boyfriend? Your facial expressions will reveal all.


13) You find it hard to get excited

Or if you are, you find it hard to show it.


14) Chandler Bing is pretty much your spirit animal

Could you BE any more similar to him?