We Don’t Celebrate Thanksgiving But We Can’t Get Over This Friends Inspired Sandwich

There are some amazing Ross moments across the ten seasons of Friends. One of our absolute favourites is the Thanksgiving sandwich freak-out. The situation is pretty quickly resolved when Monica offers a replacement sandwich but Ross, at this point mentally unstable after his second divorce, is hungry for justice.

We’re sure you’ve seen the episode but when Ross runs into the culprit he describes the secret ingredient of the leftover sandwich which is a slice of bread dripped in gravy. The ‘Moistmaker’, he calls it. We wish it had a less gross name.

Anyway, check out the clip below if you need a reminder of how this situation unfolded.

As HelloGiggles report, one Youtuber has taken inspiration from this clip to find out exactly why Ross was so upset. Andrew Rae has created a tutorial for the ultimate Thanksgiving sandwich.

Since we don’t celebrate the holiday here in the UK, some of these ingredients might be harder to find than others. You’ll also need turkey leftovers so maybe hang onto this recipe until Christmas?

That is, unless you fancy cooking a whole Turkey for the sole purpose of making sandwiches.

We should have given you fair warning to not watch this if it’s getting close to lunch-time.

But in case you want to save yourself six minutes, let us assure you, this version of the sandwich does include the legendary ‘moistmaker’.

The extra slice of gravy soaked bread compliments all the dryer ingredients in the most icky and least dignified way ever. It must taste amazing, though.

This is the first time in a long time that we’ve wished we were Americans, all thing considered. We should remind you that this sandwich does require a good few hours of work but if you’re up to the challenge, be sure to protect it with more than just a note…