Terry Crews Has Found The Best Method For Saving Money

Terry Crews: retired NFL player, White Chicks star, the face of Old Spice and now an advocate of frugality. Despite being worth absolutely millions, the superstar still remembers that a little budgeting can go a long way.

This story begins with a 19-year old called Daniel that, like most people under the age of 30, had a problem with spending a lot of money very frequently.

In fact he told Buzzfeed that he once spent “like, $30 on pineapples”. Who is this guy?!

Inspired by the forgettable but actually really good sit-com, Everybody Hates Chris, Daniel felt inspired by the aggressively economical father character played by Mr Crews. Daniel decided to print a photo of the actor to remind him to be careful with his money because: “who’s a better financial advisor than Terry Crews?”.

Since then the word spread and 220,000 retweets later, the word got to the man himself.

I keep this pic of myself in my wallet so I can see it when I'm about to waste money on things I don't need lol

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Always one to play along with the joke, Terry posted this pic to Instagram so he could see it when he’s about to waste money on things he doesn’t need, “lol”.

And the method probably works. While having 1.91m of pure muscle judging your financial decisions is a good start, there’s nothing more scornful than having to look yourself in the mirror after an unnecessary splurge. Self-judgement is truly the most effective form of budgeting.

The ‘Terry Method’ is apparently spreading with the  young guys and gals fill their ID slots and phone backgrounds with the stern looks of Julius/Terry Crews!

Who said you needed to hire an accountant to get your finances in order? All it takes is a little intimidation from an American Football player turned actor. Who would have guessed?