Ten Job Interview Questions You Should Know By Heart

It’s natural to get nervous before job interviews, they can really make a huge difference in your life. Perfect interview technique won’t make your life easy but it’ll surely make it less difficult.

The good news is that if you do anything enough times you’ll eventually get really, really good at it! The same applies for job interviews. After sitting in enough offices and partaking in enough small talk you’ll learn the typical questions and behaviours that employers want to see from you.

Here are ten of the most common interview questions that you should know by heart by the time you roll up for your dream job.

1. “Can you tell us about your greatest achievement?”

A lot of people get stuck on this because they dilly-dally about what they honestly think is their greatest accomplishment. The trick is to remember that the interview doesn’t know you – you can just tell them anything as long as it sounds impressive!


2. “What was your least enjoy about your last job?”

This is a loaded question so just brush it to the side with a generic answer along the lines of ‘not enough time’ and focus on why it wasn’t the right fit for you at this time.

3. “Can you walk me through your job history?”

This isn’t a memory test, your work history is on the CV. Your best bet is to rehearse a 30 second monologue that covers all the main career highlights with a pinch of self-analysis within.

4. “What are you strengths?”

Avoid buzzwords at all costs. Rather, tell one anecdote that showcases numerous strengths. If you have any CPR or saving kittens from tree stories, now would be the time to use them.


5. “How would your coworkers describe you?”

This is the question for people that have a tough time talking themselves up. You also get to pretend, if only for a minute, that Denise in finance doesn’t hate your guts.

6. “What do you think we could do better?”

Do your research, first off. This should be easy since if you’ve put in a little work you’ll probably know what this new company could improve on. We’re tactically judgey that way.

7. “How do you like to work?”

There’s no wrong answers… well, expect ‘I don’t’.


8. “What do you like to do outside of work?”

By all means be honest, but remember this is a test to see how you’ll fit into the work culture. The best way to approach this is to give lots of diverse activities and hope that one of them is what the interviews were hoping for.

9. “What motivates you?”

In the end, this is what will define your career. This is something you should be questioning all the time, not just in a job interview. Hopefully you should have a unique answer that doesn’t use the phrase ‘fat stacks’.


10. “Do you have any questions for us?”

Yes. Even if you don’t. Ask something. Show you were paying attention for goodness sake.