We *Really* Need To Talk About #MarmiteGate

The Doomsday clock rang thusly. High treason has been committed. Marmite is longer being sold on Tesco’s online store. People are taking to the streets brandishing butter knives, hungry for the overpowering, yeasty taste of justice. This is our country now. This is #MarmiteGate.

The fallout of Brexit has forged a muddy and tumultuous landscape for the citizens of the UK. Regardless of your voting preferences, nobody can honestly believe that our country is better for the referendum.

Bypassing the sudden rise in xenophobia and our currency effectively circling the economic toilet, we now don’t even have Marmite. Is this what “taking back control of our country” looks like?


The supermarket pulled Marmite from its online store as a result of a Brexit price dispute with its supplies, Unilever. But #MarmiteGate is just the beginning. As Unilever demand a 10% price rise to compensate the value crash of the Sterling, #PGTipsGate, #PotNoodleGate and #PersilGate are just around the corner!

Nobody knows how this will resolve. Love it or hate it, this could be the end of Marmite and all Marmite related products. Twitter coping with the loss in the way only Twitter can.

Marmite has forged a wall between breakfast-eaters for decades. Team Love vs Team Hate is a very reductive way to look at the world but we can’t even imagine a world without Marmite. Twitter is urging us to remember where we came from…

Others are just seeing this as an opportunity to take control while unrest disorientates the masses:

It’s only been a couple of hours since the people of Britain woke up to this news and already the black market is already taking the needy under their wing.

All we can say is stay safe out there. If the cravings start to dwell, grab yourself a pack of Twiglets. Yes, we know it’s not the same thing but these are trying times. These are the times of #MarmiteGate.