People Are Geotagging Singapore And Becoming Instagram Famous Overnight

In an attempt to gain Instagram fame (which is way better than Twitter fame but not as good as Youtube fame), people are tagging a suspicious numbers of photos in Singapore. As an influx of holiday makers swing by the city-state on their way to and from Australia, people have found out that geotagging Singapore causes a massive surge in likes, follows and comments.

What’s weird is that no-one really understands why this is happening. Several verified Instagrammers have reported this geographical hack, according to Mic.

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“You keep Singapore up for 12 hours, then you change it,” one said. “It’s fully ridiculous and dumb, but it works. I’m not sure why or if it’s just because it’s become a meme, but the ‘Singapore, Singapore’ posts do way better. It 100 per cent works.”

And apparently this information has got out. A quick location search on Instagram for ‘Singapore’ reveals an array of memes, porn adverts and six-pack selfies. Not the skyline and touristy shots that you’d typically expect from a geotag.

HelloGiggles wanted to get to the core of the issue, how is it that Instagrammers can just get away with the Singapore Shortcut now that people are catching on to the hack?

Well, Gina Florio, a writer for HG, put the shortcut to the test, a few days after the shortcut had been publicised on Twitter and news sites.

Posting a selfie, Gina wanted to see how a geotagged version measured up to her usual Instagram average likes and comments.

A fantastic picture deserving of the 131 likes. At the time of writing, Gina reported an original 118 likes which is about average for a selfie of this calibre. Apparently the Shortcut, combined with popular hashtags, just isn’t as effective as Instagrammers are claiming.

The follower goldrush has ended for now, sorry folks.