Mind-Blowing Supermoon Views That We Missed Because of Typical British Weather

From what we were seeing last night, people weren’t super impressed with the supermoon last night. In a typically British fashion, our view was obstructed by cloudy conditions which, again typically, gave us something to complain about. We’re a predictable bunch.

Space fans will be able to tell you that last night was the closest the full moon has been to Earth since 1948. It’s also, according to NASA, the closest we’re going to see it until November 2034…

The problem is that most people were expecting scenes like that bit from Bruce Almighty. 

The foggy skies obstructed our view of the satellite that was appearing to be 14% bigger and up to 30% brighter than usual.

The supermoon might have been a disappointment from where we are in London but Aberdeenshire in Scotland and the north-eastern parts of Wales supposedly had a clear look at the supermoon, reports The Telegraph.

But if you want to get a bit more adventurous with your envy, we’ve got an amazing collection of supermoon shots from every corner of the globe.

These were presumably taken by professional photographers in case you were wondering why your blurry Instagram pic of the moon looks so small in comparison…



Image credit: Rex

Obviously some distance from the light pollution that the city emanates, this desert shot sees the luminosity of the moon reduced to increase the clarity the sphere itself. This is such a peaceful photo to just stare out for a while.

Los Angeles


Image credit: Rexfeatures

People were saying that the idea of the supermoon is quite frightening to them. This photo suggests the moon as more threatening than peaceful and we’ve seen a lot of terrible disaster films to know that if a large celestial object is near a major city, things are going to go bad.



The moon is seen rising behind the Soyuz rocket at the Baikonur Cosmodrome launch pad in Kazakhstan. Very in keeping with the space travel theme…



This has got to be the best shot taken from last night’s display!