Stranger Things and Star Wars Have Inspired The Most Popular Baby Names of 2016

Baby names have always reflected the trends of the year. Maybe it’s purposeful or maybe parents have good associations with certain names and terrible associations with others. For example, the likelihood of seeing any baby Donalds in the next five year are probably very low (it actually became 5% more popular this year *shudders*). In 2016, hit Netflix Sci-Fi show Stranger Things has obviously affected a lot of parents.

The list of 2016’s most popular baby names has been released, in case you were interested. Since 2012, Jackson and Sophia are once again the most popular names for baby boys and girls – respectively, of course. But once you start looking outside the top 100 names, a list that is pretty consistent year on year, things get a little more referential…


As Refinery29 report, Stranger Things has, supposedly, influenced the rise in baby names that relate to the characters of the show. The name ‘Nancy’ saw a 46% surge while ‘Dustin’ rose 32%. That’s quite a significant bump. Large enough to question whether it’s just coincidence, right?

Some people are saying that it is coincidence since ‘Lucas’ saw a 25% bump which brought it up to the third most popular boy name but saw a similar thing happen last year as it rose to fourth.

We wish we could say the name ‘Eleven’ was anywhere on the list but what parent is going to be that cruel? And, predictability, there is still no justice for Barb…


While we were joking about the Baby Donalds of the world, it isn’t just Stranger Things that influenced the next generation of babies.

Parents were choosing the name ‘Hillary’ 64% more than last year. There was even a 39% increase in Babies called ‘Ivanka‘ which is strange.

But parents are getting weirder every year with their name choices. The return of Star Wars to the big screen also ushered in a new era of baby Finns (John Boyega’s character).

So what’s going to happen next year?

Speaking to The Independent, BabyCentre managing director Sarah Redshaw said: “With more Marvel and DC Comics films planned for next year and beyond, I suspect superhero names will increase further in popularity in 2017.”

Brace yourself for lots of toddlers called Harley coming to a nursery near you.