Wait, Was Stranger Things Inspired By True Events?!

Stranger Things has taken off in a big way and we couldn’t be more happy about it. From the minds of two writer-directors that were pretty much unheard of until last year, the show incorporates everything that was great about Twin Peaks, The Goonies, X-Files, E.T and The Twilight Zone into a truly original series. The cast are pretty fantastic too!

What we all love about it is that it feels frightening without having to resort to gore or pointless killings, there’s an imminent threat throughout that implies that these supernatural abductions into the upside-down could be looming for you and your friends…


To make your investment in the show even denser, there are internet rumblings that the events that unfolded in the sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana were inspired by real events!

Reports of The Montauk Project out of Long Island turned up evidence of real-life experimentation on children that tested the link between psychic powers and our understanding of time and space.. freaky.

Read this dissection from Thrillest for more in-depth information.


The reports follow the incident of how one child was chosen by the US government to open a portal to an envelope dimension. There was mention of a “monster” but we’re pretty sure the “Demogorgon” could have been equally as easy to describe the creature…

Brace yourself, conspiracy theorists because this is where it gets really real.


A story is told in a book called The Montauk Project of two brothers, Edward Cameron and Duncan Cameron who were US military in WWII. They jumped through a wormhole (a time-travel portal) created by famous psychicist Nikola Tesla and landed in the year 1983 (the year Stranger Things is set). The military sent them back through the wormhole into their time for their own reasons but that’s not what’s important.

What is important is that the government supposedly kept developing wormhole tech through the years. The Cameron brothers returned to their year and in the 1960s convinced their father to have another child so they could transfer Duncan’s memories of 1983 into this new child born in 1963. The child turned out to be a psychic who could, reportedly, manipulate objects with his mind – hello, Eleven.


The government tried to control Duncan 2 but it backfired on them when they found his powers to be too dangerous. (Reminder, this isn’t fiction, read the report). Their back-up plan was to active some programming they’d put in Duncan’s brain, like a sleeper cell.

They whispered “the time is now” into his ear and he subconsciously created a big hairy monster from his mind that started terrorising the army base.

There are many reports of people seeing this creature but everyone describes it differently….  we can’t wait for season 2!