Starbucks Have Just Introduced Their First Cocktail And It Sounds Heart Attack Inducing

As Friday afternoons working at an office will teach you, mixing gross amounts of caffeine with a generous handful of alcohol only results in your head feeling like a washing machine. Starbucks have made this feeling easily accessible with their first ever cocktail.

If you hadn’t noticed, Starbucks introduced their evening menus where you can grab a glass of wine after 4pm for an after-work treat or a night-cap. It was only a matter of time before the drinks company made their own alcohol.


The Espresso Cloud IPA is the franchise’s latest addition to corner the other type of functional addicts. You’re probably thinking: “Hang on, IPA is a type of beer, is that technically a cocktail?” When you mix it with espresso apparently it is!

As HelloGiggles report: “The drink is made by shaking espresso over ice with orange chunks and a hint of vanilla, and pouring that foam on top of the beer. The remaining espresso is served as a shot alongside the beer”.

We’re sure it tastes absolutely great but that’s a heart attack waiting to happen.

But maybe we’re being too down on this drink. After all, don’t two good things make a better thing? Especially considering many craft beers boast undertones of coffee, it makes sense to bung the flavours together in a cocktail.

Listen to this Justin Burns-Beach talk about this cocktail like it’s a new way to re-attach limbs. You can’t fault the Starbucks team for being excited about this new project.

That said, the video doesn’t ever mention if the drink tastes good… concerning, no?

But who are we to stand in the way of progress? The future is all about combining separate things to make one better thing. Our question is: why aren’t these served in the morning?

The buzz of a strong beer combined with the buzz of an espresso shot! You’d crash super hard in the afternoon but that morning would be a whirlwind of productivity.