This Starbucks Barista Reveals *Everything* That Goes On Behind The Counter…

Starbucks is a corporation behind so many modern urban myths. These coffee institutions are on pretty every street corner in every major city in the world. They’re a good place to get a reliable cup of joe and a decent, quiet-ish place to sit down and relax. Not to mention that they’re the best source of free wi-fi if you’ve run out of data.

However, there’s a lot of questions we have about the sincerity of these ‘independent’ cafes. Like, why are the baristas so insistent on spelling everyone’s names wrong? It’s not hard, are they contributing to a worldwide meme? These are the kind of myths that need to be busted.

Luckily, a Starbucks Partner working in Brighton has taken to Reddit to field any questions about the company and promised to answer honestly… this is what happened.

Image credit: Instagram

Image credit: Instagram

Spell checking

So you know what we’re talking about, even the most simple names can get butchered at the hand of a barista. Someone asked whether Starbucks ask their employees to spell names wrong to contribute to these snowballing joke.

The reason so many names get misspelled is because writing names phonetically makes it easier for the barista at the end of the counter to shout out the names. It also means that Baristas don’t have to ask how to spell names every time because, frankly, it doesn’t matter if they spelled ‘Emily’ with two Es.

The Secret Menu

Legend has it that Starbucks offer over 87,000 drink combinations on their menu. Obvious not every employee will know them all but rumours have spread that the employees hate it when you bowl up demanding an Apple Pie Frappuccino. Turns out, nobody really takes advantage of this menu. This particular barista let loose that employees will always experiment with crazy drinks on their breaks and slow periods! Have a look at this site and test out this trade secret…

Pumpkin Spice

The crown jewel of seasonal offers, the pumpkin spice latté is coveted in mystery. Turns out that every employee knows when it’s going to come out but are sworn to secrecy about the release date… sorry, gang.